Back to School Welcome

The summer of ’16 is over. For me, it’s a good thing and a sad thing all at once. I’m looking forward to the new school year ahead. Many of you  know that I took July off this year because of my daughter’s wedding. We hosted the event in our back yard, and it was the most spectacular party and celebration we’ve ever had. Most exhausting too. And most exhilarating!

Roy and Erika

The happy couple moved to Grenada West Indies shortly after their nuptials to take a new start on life. Roy is attending Med School there. With all the emotional ups and downs behind me, I am ready to dive into fall with renewed enthusiasm.

First, I’d like to welcome six new families to the fold, and ten new students!

For old and new, I’m planning a fun and exciting recital this fall, the theme is Anything Goes! Prepare to hear many favorites, fabulous classics and popular songs too. I know you students are excited, and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Welcome New students and Welcome back to those of you who had long vacations. Let’s get our fingers drumming and feet tapping. Let’s play music!