Westside Piano Policies


Payment is due at the first lesson of the month.  You may pay me in person or leave the check in my mailbox. A late payment fee of $10 will be charged for overdue or skipped payments.

Wellness Policy

If your child is home from school, please keep them home from your lesson too.  I’m happy to credit your lesson fee for a sick, coughing child.  Remember, a piano is a perfect receptacle for germ transference, we are all touching it.


If there are weather warnings, please call, text or email me to reschedule your lesson. The lesson must be made up during the week of the cancellation or it will not be credited.

This is not a new policy.  The schedule is set at the beginning of each month and you will be charged for those lessons only.

Summer lessons

Lessons continue all summer long. If you must take a break from lessons, you can pay a holding fee of $50.00 per month (during the school year) or $100.00 for the summer to keep your original lesson time. I know families are busy during that time but I ask you to continue lessons as much as your schedule will allow or be placed back on the waiting list.

Please give me one month notice for quitting lessons.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.