Kimball Viennese Classic Grand for Sale


Kimball Viennese Classic for Sale! This edition made by Kimball was modeled after the famous Bosendorfer Pianos. Bosendorfer, a German company, was bought by Kimball in the seventies. Their high quality pianos were compared by many to Steinway. Kimball used Bosendorfer technology to create this Viennese Classic Edition Piano.



Originally a wedding present to me and my husband, we picked out the Kimball in 1987. We have been the only owners.

As a lesson piano, she has held up and held tune spectacularly over the years. My students and I have enjoyed its mellow tone and gentle action for almost 14 years, having performed classics and jazz, contemporary and pop music at recitals three to four times a year.


The striking white color makes a lovely addition to any home. It has an excellent presence on stage at a church or school. The Kimball is durable and in top condition.



$4500.00 is a fantastic price for this piano.  You must play to appreciate it. For inquiries call Tracey at 608-516-4621 Or pop me an email,