New Venue

Ah Spring. Sitting here, I’m listening to the sweet sound of run off and meltdown from our last spring snow, now flowing like a small stream through the downspout on the side of the house. Spring time brings another Recital season, and I’m sure you’ve been wondering why there have been no announcements, or dates set and next week is April first.

Well, first of all, we lost our Recital venue. The music store is no longer willing to host us, understandably so, since they have to move 8 pianos to the side and set up 85 chairs for our large group. They have been so kind to host us in the past, they have even told me they will be putting a piano or keyboard in the small recital room upstairs.

Second, it’s important to me that my students get the opportunity to play on a nice piano. After all the work they put into practicing their songs, I want you to hear the music on a good sounding instrument too. So thanks to several members of our piano community, I have had feelers out in many directions looking for a new venue for us. And  as of yesterday, I have it.

When you see this place, you will know that we have arrived… with a capital A. I’m excited and proud to tell you we’ll be playing at the studio hall in Full Compass, located off Mineral Point road just south of Black Hawk Church. We get to use their Steinway, which I’m told is a fine instrument. It has to be, it’s a Steinway.

So as soon as I finalize the date and time, I’ll send out notices and emails. You will be the first to know.

Happy Spring!!