Another Recital (among other things…)

I’ve added a small group next weekend at my home. If you or your child would prefer to play in the cozier environment please let me know, there’s room for a couple more. That group is at 3pm on Saturday the 10th.

Heid Music store is being very gracious in allowing me the space to play. There has been a change in ┬áprogramming directors. The new director, Nancy informed me that they like to keep the group to about 30 people. Our recital will likely have 60 or 70 in attendance. Let’s be sure to show them how much we appreciate being able to use the space by cleaning up after ourselves and being gentle with the instruments in the store. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

It is likely that this may be the last spring for small groups at my home. With the arrival of the second piano, my small living room will be to cramped for performances. I’m looking for a venue that will allow us to have two or three small to mid size groups. If you know of such a ┬álocation with a decent piano, please let me know.

Happy Spring!