Winter Solstice and Holiday Open House

The season is upon us and in full swing I might add. I’ve been so busy getting ready that I’ve forgotten to add  a notice about our party! This has been a strange year though. With Thanksgiving  coming so late on the calendar, I hear many of you complaining that there isn’t enough time to get it all done. It can be stressful too, to try and get ready for family and guests. Getting it all done seems impossible, yet somehow, in the end, it will all come together. And then finally when the day comes, we can sit down and enjoy our family.

I’ve tried to simplify our Holiday Open house this year by making the cookie exchange optional. It’s understandable that many of you won’t have the time to bake. So bring a snack to share, if you can, and if not, no big deal. I will have plenty to share. Come and join me for hot chocolate and good cheer, and an opportunity to relax and listen to holiday music.

Many of my students can’t wait to perform their music for you. I have a few who I may have to pry from the piano to give others the chance to play! That’s exciting for me! To give the gift of music is one thing, but to have my pupils be so willing to return the gift is truly a special thing. And that is the most heartwarming gift that I could receive this Christmas.

So please, come. Kick your feet up and enjoy a warm cup of  cheer. There will be plenty of joyful entertainment to undo the stress of the season and rekindle your fire. I look forward to sharing  Winter Solstice with each of you.


Holiday Open House


Cookie Exchange


When:  Saturday December 21st from 2pm to 4pm

Where:  Tracey Phillips’ House 7575 Pioneer Place

What to Bring:   6 bags, boxes or plates of your favorite cookies to trade    *OR*   A snack to share

A holiday or other song to play on the piano

I’ll whip up some hot chocolate, warm mulled cider, tea or coffee, and plenty of good holiday cheer!  There will be tasty treats to nibble on and we’ll have a warm fire burning to take the chill out of your fingers before you play.  So save the date and come play!


Happy Holidays!