Fall Schedule beginning soon

Hope you have all had a great summer! I can’t believe it’s almost over. School starts  next week for some private schools and in only 3 weeks for the rest of us. I know the sports schedules have not all come in yet, but as soon as you know your child’s schedule, please check the day against your piano lesson time. The sooner I know that you need to change days, the sooner I can make that happen for you.

Going back to a  regular schedule also means scheduling time for practicing. Students succeed more often when parents are involved. Please help your student find the time for practicing piano during the week. Remember it can be frustrating to have to keep working on the same songs if they aren’t making progress. They may need some encouragement from you to go to the piano, or it can help to schedule practice time in the evening just like you would make time for school homework. Parents, if you’re listening to them play, I typically give practice homework from both Technique and Lesson books. That will be two different songs. When they have a recital song to work on then there will be additional practicing. They  will have one page of written homework each week as well.

I will be having recitals again in the fall of course and I have already come up with musical selections for both. The small group will be all Harry Potter movie music, and yes there is a variety to select from since there were 7 movies, and three different composers too. Our large group recital will be movie music selections from your favorite movies. Dates for both will be announced by October first.

I know there is so much to think about in order to get your children ready for school in the fall, but it will be here in no time at all. Enjoy the rest of summer!