Welcome to Westside Piano

I offer professional private piano lessons to students of all ages. Beginning piano lessons from age 6 (or through kindergarten), I also take students of all ages and levels through advanced intermediate. You will have performance opportunities at 2 recitals a year. Small group music classes offer a more intimate setting for sharing music together. These are more educational discussions with topics ranging from musical styles to composers, where students play a selection based on the topic. I offer these classes as an alternative to large recitals several times a year.

My priority is to create a lifetime love for playing music. I help students to experiment with many styles and a range of composers to round out their musical listening repertoire. A performer once stated “There is enough music in the world for a lifetime, but not enough time in your life for all the music.” So let’s have fun playing music that you love!

Oh, and meet Jack, my faithful companion and fellow music lovers. He will greet you at the door and always enjoy what you play while sitting at my feet, under the piano or even, joining you on the bench.